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Iowa senior Tony McClaery's once easy A is now a real pain the ass.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

SENIOR Tony McClaery has his sights set on graduation in May. The senior is studying Health and Human Physiology at the University of Iowa. Tony's course curriculum includes completing a one semester internship and he thought he had just the right gig to prepare him for his future career.

"My buddy Pete graduated last year and he had this internship with the Iowa Football program," said McClaery. "He hooked me up after passing my name onto the administration. Last year, he had this job of keeping the trophies and the trophy cases clean. All he did was sit around and play Game of War on his iPhone."

In just a year, things changed dramatically for the Iowa Football team. They went on to claim the Cy-Hawk Trophy, Heartland Trophy, Floyd of Rosedale, Heroes Trophy, and Big Ten West Division Championship Trophy. Tony's assumed no-show gig took a serious turn.

"Mr. Ferentz has a real thing about dust," Tony told BHGP. "Every damn day he's inspecting the trophies and cases for dust and smudges. I spend four hours a day dusting and cleaning. It's always recruiting stuff, coaches clinics and media things. I never get a break."

And then there's this:

When we asked about Josey Jewell and this incident Tony replied, "don't get me started. It's either players leaning up against these cases or smoothies. Whatever. I'm over this."

Per Iowa administration, Tony is on track to complete his internship on time. He has plans to sell insurance upon graduation and his internship will likely provide him no real life experience towards that career. Will he advise friends of this internship for future graduate hopefuls? "Maybe if (Jake) Rudock came back," Tony said.