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No picks 'til Brooklyn? Nah.

"Yes... yes, those are very wise picks. I agree."
"Yes... yes, those are very wise picks. I agree."
Thomas Joseph-USA TODAY Sports

Can we have an NCAA Tournament without a pick 'em contest?  Well, we probably could, but what would be the fun in that?  March is the time when we fill out brackets and compare our results with our peers to determine our self-worth.  That's just the things are done, dammit, and we're not about to go upsetting the social order now.


This year's NCAA Tournament pick 'em contest is going to be run through Yahoo! and you can access the Tourney Pick 'em here.

GROUP: BHGP NCAA Pick 'Em 2016
GROUP ID: 112348
PASSWORD: hawkeyes

The size of the group should be unlimited, so there should be room for one and all.  You can have one bracket per user, and we're using the default Yahoo! scoring system to score things.

As for prizes... nothing planned right now, but stay tuned if things change.  The pride of being the savviest (or luckiest) picker is surely prize enough, though.

Again, go to the Yahoo! Tourney Pick 'em page to sign up.