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Time for some answers -- finally.

Thomas Joseph-USA TODAY Sports

What seed will the Hawkeyes get?  Where will they be playing next weekend?  Who will they be playing?  All those questions are going to be answered shortly -- the waiting game is, thankfully, almost over.  The mock brackets consistently have Iowa in the 6/7 seed range, so that's where we're expecting to see Iowa turn up.

There are eight potential opening weekend sites, although we know that Iowa won't be in Des Moines -- they needed to be a Top-4 seed to have a chance to play in Des Moines and they certainly won't be a Top-4 seed.  But the other seven locations (Denver, Raleigh, Spokane, St. Louis, Brooklyn, Providence, and Oklahoma City) are all in play for Iowa.

As for who Iowa could play... well, there are plenty of teams that could be slotted as 10 or 11 seeds. The Bracket Matrix lists these teams as the most common 10/11 seeds in brackets:

Wichita State
St. Bonaventure

St. Mary's
Michigan (NOTE: Iowa couldn't draw Michigan in R1 since both teams are in the Big Ten)
San Diego State
Arkansas-Little Rock

The full 2016 NCAA Tournament bracket will be revealed on CBS at 4:30 PM CT. The show is scheduled to air from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM and it's not clear how they'll fill all that time.  HOPEFULLY they don't stretch out the bracket reveals for a full two hours -- let's hope they reveal the brackets in the first 30 minutes and then use the remaining 90 minutes to indulge in analysis and interviews and whatnot.  But we really don't want what the show will look like.

The usual rules apply -- don't be an ass.