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Iowa tries yet again to turn things around -- and says goodbye to an excellent senior class.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

This was not how we imagined Iowa's Senior Day going a few weeks ago. Tonight was going to be about getting sweet payback for Indiana's win over Iowa in Bloomington. It was going to be about (hopefully) locking up at least a share of a Big Ten title. It was going to be a coronation for a senior class who came to Iowa during some dark days and was a key part of all the success Iowa's experienced over the last few years.

And then the last few weeks happened. Now Iowa's just trying to end a miserable tailspin and send out these seniors on a winning note. There are still Big Ten title implications, but it's impossible to actually feel at all good about Iowa's title hopes after the last few weeks. But title or not, Iowa could really, really use a win here -- to lift the mood for the fans, the players, even the coaches. So let's go get a W, Hawks.

The game tips off at 8 PM CT, with TV coverage from ESPN and online coverage from WatchESPN.

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