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Iowa's 2016 football recruiting class stuck close to Big Ten borders.

Iowa put the finishing touches on their 2016 recruiting class yesterday -- but where did all those players come from?  Let's break it down.

And here's the information in table form:

Emmanuel Rugamba WR/DB 3* Naperville IL
Nick Niemann LB 3* Sycamore IL
Romeo McKnight LB 3* Crystal Lake IL
Barrington Wade RB/LB 3* Skokie IL
Amani Jones LB 3* Chicago IL
Austin Schulte DE 3* Pella IA
Shaun Beyer TE 3* Cedar Rapids IA
Spencer Williams OL 3* Cedar Falls IA
T.J. Hockenson TE 3* Chariton IA
Cole Banwart OL 2* Algona IA
Cedrick Lattimore DE 3* Detroit MI
Chauncey Golston DE 3* Detroit MI
Alaric Jackson OL 3* Detroit MI
Cedric Boswell DB 2* Beverly Hills MI
Toren Young RB 3* Monona Grove WI
Nate Stanley QB 3* Menomonie WI
Kristian Welch LB 3* Iola WI
Brandon Simon DE 3* Ramsey NJ
Frank Darby WR 2* Jersey City NJ
Toks Akinribade RB 3* Brownsburg IN
Devonte Young WR 2* Waldorf MD
Amani Hooker DB 3* Brooklyn Park MN
Noah Fant TE 3* Omaha NE
Lance Billings II DB 3* Lorain OH
Kyle Taylor LB 3* Washington DC

All 25 of Iowa's recruits came from Big Ten states now that Maryland and Rutgers have made Washington, D.C., Maryland, and New Jersey all part of the Big Ten footprint.  Iowa purses recruits outside of the Big Ten footprint, of course, but they weren't able to get any bites from recruits in those states.  It will be interesting to see if Iowa's 2017 recruiting class has a more national distribution at all after Iowa's increased profile in the 2016 regular season.

Iowa didn't pull in any recruits from the south, nor did they sign any recruits from Texas.  I think this may be the first time since Greg Davis has been on the Iowa staff that Iowa has failed to sign at least one recruit from Texas.

The state of Iowa remains the bread and butter for the Hawkeyes -- five members of this year's class are in-state kids, tied with Illinois for the most from any state.  Illinois -- and the Chicago are in particular -- remains a vital recruiting pipeline for Iowa, though.  All five of Iowa's recruits from Illinois were in the general vicinity of Chicago, including some of the most celebrated members of this class (Rugamba, Niemann, McKnight).

Michigan was also very fertile recruiting ground for Iowa this year, especially Detroit, where Iowa pulled in Lattimore, Golston, and (on Signing Day) Jackson.  Iowa's had success in Michigan in the past, but this is the largest number of kids that they've pulled from that state in a while. As Michigan and Michigan State adopt more national recruiting profiles, there might be room for Iowa to sneak in and grab certain kids from Michigan.

Wisconsin was also unusually good recruiting territory  for Iowa this year -- the coaching turmoil in Madison no doubt benefited Iowa in their recruiting efforts this year. We'll have to see if Iowa can maintain success in Wisconsin when (if?) Paul Chryst is able to (re-)establish roots in the state and (re-)build connections with the coaches and programs there.

Coaching turmoil at several of Iowa's Big Ten West rivals (Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Illinois all had new head coaches last year) was certainly helpful for Iowa's recruiting efforts in those states.  Now we'll see if Iowa can maintain the inroads they made in those states in upcoming recruiting classes.