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Let's talk crootin'!

Merry Creepmas, you guys!  It's the creepiest day of the year... although, actually, it's when all that caring stops being quite so creepy.  Once those 18-year olds sign on the dotted line (is it even a dotted line?) and fax in their letters of intent, they cease being prospects to ogle and become players for the Iowa Hawkeyes.  And caring about them is OK.

So anyway -- National Signing Day!  Today's the day we find out if everyone who's been listed as a solid verbal is actually solidly in the fold, or if there will be some late wiggling.  The scuttlebutt has been pretty quiet on that front... but you never know.

In terms of surprise commitments for Iowa, we're not expecting much.  The main name to watch is OL Alaric Jackson, who's expected to announce his decision today.  He was originally expected to announce his decision on Monday and then changed his mind; rumor has it Michigan got involved late.  Did Harbaugh have enough time for a late slumber party?  Who knows.  So we'll wait to find out if Jackson picks Iowa or not, but aside from him, there isn't much on our radars.  But there could be a left field surprise, too -- a year ago we had no idea who Eric Graham was until the official Iowa football twitter announced his signing.  We'll try and keep things updated in the comments about any goings-on of that nature.

Feel free to use the comments to discuss those happenings -- and any others around the wide world of recruiting -- today. The usual rules apply -- don't be an ass, OK?