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Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Scouting Combine is going on in Indianapolis, Ind. this weekend and while Iowa has a fairly small contingent there this year (just OL Austin Blythe, DB Jordan Lomax, and PK Marshall Koehn), they're still turning a few heads with their performances.  The kickers are showing off their wares today and Marshall Koehn has been impressive.

THE DEMON KOEHN... is very athletic. That 4.6 40 time is faster than what some running backs and tight ends (and a few wide receivers) will run over the next few days. As far as kickers go, it's the fastest 40-yard dash run by a kicker at the Combine in a very long time.

Look at him go!

Of course, Iowa fans already knew Koehn had some serious speed in his legs -- just look at how quickly he gets downfield after booting the 57-yard game-winning field goal against Pitt last year!

But still: a 4.6 40 time?  Clearly Ferentz should have been calling more fake field goals the last few years...

Koehn's NFL future will be obviously be determined more by how far (and how accurately) he can kick the ball (although on that note he may be more relieved than anyone that the NFL has moved extra points back, given his prowess at making long field goals and his bizarre struggles with converting extra points last season) than by how fast he can run the ball, but hey -- it's the Combine.  Silliness reigns supreme.


EDIT: The SBN mothership has some context on how fast Koehn was at this year's Combine:

Koehn ran a 4.61 40-yard dash, the fastest by any kicker or punter as far back as's records go. He was faster than every quarterback except for one, almost every linebacker, 10 wide receivers, and five running backs. As we have always known, Iowa football gets by on speed and speed alone.

And that speed is gonna pay off for Koehn, too, in the form of a nice little $10K bonus from adidas:

Congrats, Marshall.