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WTF is going on?


Iowa plays Penn State tonight on BTN.  To advertise the game, BTN apparently enlisted the ghost of Salvador Dalí to create this commercial spot because it is incredibly surreal:

There is a lot of crazy packed into that 15 second-spot.  Is BTN expecting the action in tonight's game to get a little freaky?  Did someone slip some LSD into the water supply over there?

Or maybe these are clips from movies from some bizarre alternate realities:

Iowa BTN ad 1

In this one Fran auditions for the role of the Count in HBO's new Sesame Street -- if you can't count, prepare for some Deadwood-style Wrath...

Iowa BTN ad 2

Here Fran stars in a new take on Mr. Holland's Opus, where the high school music class is replaced by an army of Herkys and the only music is the Iowa Fight Song on a constant loop.

Iowa BTN ad 3

This is either a clip from a Freaky Friday-style body-swapping comedy starring Fran and Herky or a glimpse from a nightmarish remake of The Fly.

Iowa BTN ad 4

And this must be from Herky's  starring role in Fear and Loathing in University Heights.

Or maybe not.  It's a weird ad, is all.

Happy Wednesday.