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Football-type substances a-comin'!

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

(Real) football is still many (many) months away and we still have another six weeks or so (hopefully) of a tremendously exciting and enjoyable basketball season to watch this spring.  But there is a little football-related action on the horizon: the Iowa spring games!  Or the Iowa spring game-type substances, at least.

To be fair, the Des Moines event isn't being marketed as a Spring Game -- it's purely a practice session held in Des Moines and open to the public.  Iowa will head there near the start of their Spring Practice sessions (Friday, April 8) and wrap things up with the Spring Game back in Iowa City (Saturday, April 23).  We're meant to "stay tuned for details," but if the events are anything like they've been for the last several years they'll feature free admission (though donation of canned goods is encouraged) and mostly practice activities mixed in with some offense-versus-defense scrimmage action.  So yeah -- football(ish)!

I have to admit, though, that holding the Des Moines open practice in the Des Moines River sure seems like a pretty curious decision.  Seems like it could still be pretty cold in early April.  And wet.  Definitely very wet.  Rhabdo-gate was nothing compared to the looming pneumonia-gate.  I know, I know, I'm just some dope with a laptop and Kirk Ferentz is the reigning National Coach of the Year.  Just seems like a strange decision, you know?  But hey, maybe it will help us in our recruiting efforts to land a mer-person.