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Hawkeye State.

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NCAA Basketball: Iowa State at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

What a whirlwind of emotions! Iowa absolutely DISMANTLED a ranked Iowa State team in an outcome we ALL predicted. After already taking the Clones down in football, women’s and men’s basketball and baseball all the Hawkeyes need to do is take care of business in wrestling tomorrow. We’ll have a primer for that grapplin’ match later.

For now, there’s lots of juicy literature to digest after that electric win in Carver.

-Great stuff as always from the Hlas column, including a great kicker and this line:

Morris is a star with a body of work that stretches over four seasons, including three wins over the Hawkeyes. But he didn’t star this night, nor did his fellow seniors.

Also this:

Chad Leistikow had himself a column as well. Having worked for some major newspapers in my day, I think Iowans take the writers they have accessible for granted.

And now the Hawkeyes have wins in football, women’s basketball and men’s basketball over the Cyclones in 2016.

A Cyclone state? Not this year.

By the final minute, the chant “Hawkeye state” was booming from the home crowd, one that hadn’t seen a win over the Cyclones since Jok was starring at West Des Moines Valley.

Of course, the above sentiments about writing chops in the state don’t apply to everyone.

So much for Iowa State’s seniors leaving school saying they never played in a losing game against Iowa.

So much for being ranked in 61 Associated Press polls in a row.

Most blog articles don’t ooze with that amount of homerism.

And finally, I’m sure you’re all familiar with this quote by now:

"My hat goes off to (Iowa)," Monte Morris said, "but they know they're not better than us."


Semi-related, this is damn good from Pop.

-Lute Olson attended the game to rub some elbows it appears. I was glad to see most things about Lute in our comments were mostly positive. His departing was understandable, and he brought this program to its highest highs.

-I may not be in agreement with this but whatever a win’s a win!

-This is a pretty cool announcement, though. Complete with a false statement about Iowa’s schedule!

-Oh Michigan is in the running for Eno Benjamin this is fine.

-2016 continues to suck as John Glenn passed away yesterday. His obituary, from his hometown newspaper with a cracker-jack lede.

-Kansas State administrators are charging the student newspaper over $1,000 for access to open records.

-This story on professional pinballing is incredible.

-Sorry, Cubs fans.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Drink drink water, sleep sleep alone.