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Iowa football got a big lift last night

Iowa State v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Good news, everyone! Iowa’s own Matt VandeBerg has been granted another year of eligibility after he broke his foot during the fourth week of the football season. Marc Morehouse doesn’t rule out the possibility of VandeBerg hauling in 68 passes, tying him the record for most career receptions by a Hawkeye. Kevonte Martin-Manley currently holds that record with 174. So he would need 69 catches to break the record.


VandeBerg had 65 catches in 2015 so it is certainly possible! Scott Dochterman writes that VandeBerg’s case was much more straightforward than the situation Drew Ott found himself in a couple years ago.

You may remember the hand-wringing that happened over the interwebs when Fran McCaffery told his players not to shake hands with North Dakota a couple nights ago. Hawkeye great and UND assistant coach Jeff Horner took to Twitter to give his view of events.

-Wyoming lost to BYU in the Poinsettia Bowl last night. Next up for the Cowboys? The Iowa Hawkeyes.

This will be fine.

Speaking of Iowa football ...

Other Things

-Duke suspended Grayson Allen “indefinitely” after blatantly tripping his third opponent in the same calendar year last night. The Deadspin write-up is dripping with contempt and it’s pure joy.

-A Georgia Tech offensive lineman is quitting football to ... join a NASCAR pit crew.

-Surprise! Bob Stoops says his initial punishment for running back Joe Mixon—who broke four bones in a women’s face in 2014—”wasn’t enough.”

-Jim Harbaugh has a photo of Harambe in his office, for some reason.

-Bill Pennington went to Boulder to find out what happened to Rashaan Salaam. Incredible story here.

And that’s it. Iowa takes on Delaware State in basketball tonight. The game is on TV! I think. We’ll have a preview for you shortly.