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Surprise! Greg Davis is here to stay

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NCAA Football: Nebraska at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

As you likely saw on the Twitterverse last night, Chad Leistikow conducted an in-depth interview with Kirk Ferentz to reflect on the past season, among other things.

The big question we’re all wondering was asked: will Greg Davis be back next year?

Right now, I have no reason to think he won’t.

Nope! I can think of a dozen reasons why he shouldn’t be, but I’m no ball coach.

That warranted a follow-up question: who’s offense is Davis running, anyway?

A couple things: Maybe the offense you want to run in your mind, or whatever, in a perfect world, you have this thing you’d love to do, but the world’s never perfect; in college football, year to year, the way your team’s constructed, what your strengths and weaknesses may be, I think they shift and vary a little bit; the ability to be flexible is first and foremost … and this year’s a great example of it. We graduate (from 2015’s 12-2 team) two really good players in the passing game with Henry Krieger Coble and Tevaun Smith.

Ohhhhh so he concedes that college football is changing ... but the offense he chooses to run isn’t? Got it.

I know I sound snarky as all get-out, but it just frustrates me that we really learned nothing from something I imagine took a lot of time out of Leistikow’s day. There are some nuggets in there, like Kirk’s favorite moments from the season, and the whole thing is worth a read. Part II of the interview apparently comes out tonight, so maybe there will be some juicier things in there.

It’s a girl!

Big congrats to C.J. Beathard, who became a father Monday with the birth of his daughter, Lyla.

I think this spells good things for our bowl game.

Other things

-Christan Ballard, who we last saw in a Vikings uniform, is now working in the medical marijuana industry in Colorado. The former all-B1G lineman told Hawkeye Nation’s Mitch Smith he would like to see pot become a viable painkiller in the NFL one day.

I just don’t think it’s healthy for football players to get pumped with painkillers. I have a passion for this and I have a decent knowledge about this plant. I feel like it’s a waste if I don’t spread that knowledge around.

-Brian Ferentz made the totally real and not fake all-B1G coaches team from the Big Ten Network as the offensive line coach.

-Iowa football saw a 10 percent increase in fan attendance this year, good for fourth-best jump in the nation.

-Look here!

Fran told Davis his status for North Dakota tonight is up in the air.

-The Biggest “What Ifs” of the Ferentz era.

Insert hand-on-chin emoji here.

-More What Ifs!

-TNT’s obituary for Craig Sager. Warning: causes dust.

Don’t forget to tune in to Iowa vs. North Dakota tonight. It’s on BTN!