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The whole season has led up to this

Toledo v Western Michigan Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

This is it. All our training, degeneracy, and missed birthdays of loved ones has led up to this. One final, shining moment of wagering on teenagers hitting their heads against each other.*

*I understand there’s still bowl games and the playoff, but those games are really hard to bet. We’re still going to try though!

Here’s the thing about these championship games. They’re pretty big! The B1G Championship could be seen as a play-in for the playoff, while Clemson and Washington both need wins to get in. And don’t even get me started if Alabama loses! They’d still probably get in, wouldn’t they?

Anyway, let’s get to these matchups so you can enjoy one last weekend of top-to-bottom degeneration in 2016. You deserve it.

Iowa doesn’t play this week, so we can’t make money off our Hawks. Sad!

The Rest

Washington -7.5 vs. Colorado: Washington needs a win here if it wants any sort of chance of making it to the playoff. Colorado is pretty good. They went toe-to-toe with Michigan. HOWEVAH, Washington wants blood. I think John Ross tears up Colorado as Jake Browning balls out against the Buffs during the only game of consequence on Friday night.

USC v Washington Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Navy -3 vs. Temple: Navy is really good. Temple is not as good. Do not overthink this.

Oklahoma State +10 vs. Oklahoma: Both these teams have some puzzling losses on their schedule. Remember that blip to Central Michigan, Okie State? And how about Houston and ... actually wait Oklahoma is really good switch this bet to Oklahoma -10.

Virginia Tech +10 vs. Clemson: This Tech team is good! Well sort of. Clemson may be a little overrated, and Deshaun Watson loves to turn the ball, while Virginia Tech commits lots of turnovers as well! This is going to be a close, sloppy game so take the points and profit.

Penn State v Rutgers Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Penn State +3 vs. Wisconsin: I want to take Wisconsin here. I really do. However, I’m afraid Sconnie’s precarious quarterback situation is too much to overcome in what should be a low-scoring affair. Give us the points and hope for a close Wisconsin win, because cheering for Penn State is bad and you should feel bad if you do.