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It’s time we mentioned a winning team on these digital pages

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Chicago Cubs Victory Celebration Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

It’s been awhile since we’ve done one of these, but I read a lot of good stuff this week (Iowa and non-Iowa related) and I’d like to pass those readings on to you!

Before I get to Iowa-centric stuff, I’d like to start with Chicago Cubs-related words. Full disclosure, I am not a Cubs fan. I live in Chicago and at times cheered for the Cubs, but ultimately was apathetic towards this World Series. I know a vast majority of our readers (or at least it feels that way) are Chicago sports fans, so I would like to post some of the best Cubs writing I’ve read over the past few days:

-Bar none, this recap of Game Seven from the New York Times is the best recap of any sporting event I have ever read.

-Wayne Drehs, a lead writer for ESPN (and an Iowa graduate/Daily Iowan alumni!) postponed his heart surgery until after the World Series.

-Wright Thompson on the Cubs. Thompson is the best damn writer on the planet. Not just sports writer, but writer. I had the pleasure to spend some time with him while he was in Iowa City working on a Dan Gable piece, and it is one of my fondest memories as a student.

That’s it for Cubs things. Here’s some Iowa notes:

-Chad Leistikow’s Monday columns are a must-read.

-Nicholas Baer figures to play a major role for Iowa basketball this year. Who knew?

-Former Iowa running back Jermelle Lewis is making an impact on the community in Cedar Rapids.

-Mike Daniels isn’t happy with the way things are going in Green Bay.

-As of now, Iowa is a 21-point underdog against Michigan this week. That’s the largest home spread since 1999.

-Our overlords outline some ways to make Iowa State football more competitive. Unfortunately, I don’t think any of these things would help.

Odds n Ends

-In the comments to an article yesterday, one of you linked to this Ringer piece on Thad Matta. This quote should render hand-on-chin-thinking-emoji for Iowa fans:

“Lou Holtz once told me, ‘Never stay at a school for more than seven years. Because the longer you stay, the more you fall in love with the place and the more they fall out of love with you,’” Matta says. “And I remember in Year [7] at Ohio State, which was the year we started 24–0. I can remember coming off the floor and we’d win by 12 and people would be like, ‘Hey, Thad! 12 points? That’s it?’ And I’m like, ‘Lou was right!’ I can still remember thinking he was on to something. It’s like the old Ricky Nelson song — you can’t please everybody so you gotta please yourself.”

-Things are going on in Madison. Some athletes are standing up to inequalities and racism they see on campus, and its refreshing to see young men and women who have a voice try and make an impact. I would go in to more detail here but the three links I posted do more justice than I can. For the most part, the comments in B5Q are pretty reassuring about what the fanbase has to say about the matter. Of course, there are some idiots in there.

-Presented without comment:

-If you have ever been to Vegas, this long piece from the NYT is an eye-opener.

And that’s it. Until next time.