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LOVE IT or LEAVE IT: Football Fridays

College football is for Saturdays

Love It: Since this is the last Love/Leave of the football season, it is only fitting that we cap the season where we started. You can’t be helped but be moved by the outpouring of support from other B1G schools when they played against Nebraska this season, in response to Sam Foltz’s tragic accident last summer. Iowa was no different and they did it in the most Iowa way possible. Quiet, no flash, but plenty effective. The Huskers arrived to the Pink Locker Room to this sight:

The Hawkeyes also presented the Foltz family with a letter. That should make you feel proud.

Leave It: It’s been awhile since we’ve had a good B1G rant (*checks schedule*...oh wait we had one last time when we were talking about the suckitude of BTN Plus). I love that Iowa enjoys the continual protection of the B1G and those stacks of cash that come along with it. But that doesn’t mean we can’t criticize dumb conference decisions. The latest head scratcher is B1G Football on Friday nights. Hate it. Absolutely hate it. Look, I know that college athletics is about money and lots of it. Tradition is out the window. The latest B1G TV contract calls for 6 Friday night games in 2017 (and the Hawkeyes aren’t one of them). Fine. What scares me is that Jim Delany rarely says “enough.” If Friday nights are even remotely popular, that number is certainly going to go up and up until they have at least one game each Friday of the regular season.

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Media Day Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

I’m biased here because I am on the high school gridiron every Friday night so of course I’ll miss a Hawkeye game here and there. It is what it is. But the Midwest loves high school football enough to where there should have been some considerations for the fans and coaches that want to continue to enjoy that piece of our Midwestern lifestyle. But... this is about business. And this is about money. Sigh.

Leave It: Oh hi again, Baylor. Not only has your football team tanked, losing its last five games, but another members of your administration is in the news for the wrong reason. The latest episode features the associate AD losing his you-know-what at a local reporter for snapping a selfie with a player while on the field. The guy was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault. At this point, if you’re Baylor, just give up. We rarely hear about Baylor in a positive light anymore. Following the sick way they handled sexual assault allegations, and then had a player reprimanded for beating his dog with a belt, and now this. I’d like to see the Big 12 take action at some point, but I strongly doubt that happens anytime soon given the league’s instability.

NCAA Football: Baylor vs Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Leave It: Let’s keep the hate parade on the Big 12 going. Texas got their man in hiring Coach Tom Herman. Coaches are adults and they gotta do what they gotta do when it comes to climbing the ladder, although when a coach is reportedly the top candidate for two different schools and accepts one of those positions less than 24 hours after his team plays, I think that’s pretty weak. But my gripe is with Texas here. Sources had leaked that Charlie Strong would be fired following the embarrassing loss to Kansas. Strong reportedly had no knowledge of the firing and it led to a pretty awkward week of questions regarding his status. I like Strong and I thought Texas did not handle the matter well at all. Not to mention, I thought since Strong’s hiring that he was just a placeholder until a bigger name came along. But then again, it’s Texas and they do whatever they damn well please.

NCAA Football: Texas at Kansas Gary Rohman-USA TODAY Sports

Love It: A final feel-good note for the week. You probably didn’t know that the Iowa baseball team spent the last week in the Dominican Republic on a preseason expedition across the country playing against some MLB academy teams down there. What you also probably didn’t know was that the Hawkeye baseball team did their part for some community service work while down there. Check out some of the tweets for more:

In case you were wondering, the Hawks finished 2-2. But I’m sure the people of the Dominican won’t forget their help any time soon. Good for the Heller Hawks.

Have a great week, everyone. Iowa corn > Nebraska corn.