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Iowa Wrestling Dominates at the Iowa City Duals: Full Results

Hawkeye wrestling won a combined 100-0 at Friday’s Iowa City Duals in Carver.

Dan Gable statue

Happy Monday, everyone. It’s a short week and we’re here to make it shorter, because those two to three minutes it’ll take you to read this post will make a world of difference. And they’ll be a happy few minutes, because the Iowa wrestling team murdered the field at Friday’s Iowa City Duals.

The Hawkeyes bested Iowa Central CC 55-0 and Cornell 45-0, recording pins in half of their matches. The other 10 of the non-fall nature included four tech falls and two majors. Thomas Gilman and Cory Clark were the only Hawkeyes to record pins in both matches wrestled. Topher Carton, Brandon Sorensen, and Michael Kemerer each recorded a fall, with everything going according to plan in the lighter weights, as did, well, mostly the whole morning.

The biggest surprise was 184-pounder Sammy Brooks’ absence from the lineup in both duals. I didn’t read any specifics re: an injury, which would be expected if that’s the case, as Tom Brands and company like to keep those things close to the vest. Against Iowa Central, redshirt freshman Jeremiah Moody wrestled at 184 after taking second place at 165 in last week’s Luther Open, with Joey Gunther going at 165 after taking the Luther crown. Moody won via pin with Gunther earning a tech fall in his first match of the day.

Wrestling Cornell in the second dual, Brands furthered the plug-and-play philosophy at the heavier weights. Skyler St. John (yes, former national champ Derek St. John’s brother if you weren’t aware) wrestled at 165, earning a 7-4 decision over Brian Cristion. Gunther went up to 74, where he won via decision. Alex Meyer, the usual starter at 174, went to 184 to beat his guy 7-0. Madness!

Cash Wilcke had a nice outing at 197, recording a tech and a fall, and Mitch Bowman’s pin against Iowa Central at heavyweight was more desirable than Steven Holloway’s 3-2 decision at the weight against Cornell.

Full results are available below, and we’ll have more wrestling coverage thrown your way midweek while we’re all enjoying turkey and delicious food and the people we’re writing/reading about are not.

#3 IOWA 55, Iowa Central 0

125 -- #1 Thomas Gilman (I) pinned Joseph Sibomana (ICCC), 1:33; 6-0

133 -- #1 Cory Clark (I) pinned Zak Hensley (ICCC), 2:05; 12-0

141 -- Topher Carton (I) technical fall Nick Santon (ICCC), 16-1; 17-0

149 -- #2 Brandon Sorensen (I) pinned Keenan Cook (ICCC), 0:37; 23-0

157 -- #7 Michael Kemerer (I) pinned Carlos Champaign (ICCC), 2:01; 29-0

165 -- Joey Gunther (I) tech. fall Jonah Egli (ICCC), 21-6; 34-0

174 -- #6 Alex Meyer (I) major dec. Antrez Clagon (ICCC), 13-1; 38-0

184 -- Jeremiah Moody (I) pinned Anthony Jones (ICCC); 1:10; 44-0

197 -- Cash Wilcke (I) tech. fall Jacob Becker (ICCC), 23-8; 49-0

285 -- Mitch Bowman (I) pinned Amari Latimer (ICCC), 1:32; 55-0

#3 IOWA 45, Cornell College 0

125 -- #1 Thomas Gilman (I) pinned Vikash Hypio (C), 2:34; 6-0

133 -- #1 Cory Clark (I) pinned Brody Lamb (C), 1:36; 12-0

141 -- Topher Carton (I) pinned Josh Martin (C), 4:23; 18-0

149 -- #2 Brandon Sorensen (I) major dec. Leonard Bloom (C), 18-6; 22-0

157 -- #7 Michael Kemerer (I) tech. fall Aaron Engle (C), 16-1; 27-0

165 – Skyler St. John (I) dec. Ben Hewson (C), 7-4; 30-0

174 -- Joey Gunther (I) dec. Michael Maksimovic (C), 9-5; 33-0

184 -- #6 Alex Meyer (I) dec. Brian Cristion (C), , 7-0; 36-0

197 -- Cash Wilcke (I) pinned Ben Bergen (C), 2:43; 42-0

285 -- Steven Holloway (I) dec. Tyler Ortmann (C), 3-2; 45-0

(rankings via InterMat, I believe, as I copy-and-pasted this from