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Iowa 95, UTRGV 67

Hawkeyes rebound after loss to Seton Hall

NCAA Basketball: Texas-Pan American at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

So that was ... something.

Peter Jok started off the game with back-to-back three-pointers, and Iowa never really looked back, demolishing the University of American Samoa University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley 95-67

Jok led the Hawkeyes in scoring, notching 27 and finishing the day 5-8 from three. Tyler Cook had 15 of his own, while Isaiah Moss had a quiet 14 off the bench.

Cook is still a legend, btw.

The first half was an incredibly sloppy affair. Iowa turned it over 10 times, and was 8-14 from the line. The defense left a lot to be desired as well.

Fundamentals got turned around in the second frame, and Iowa only turned it over six more times and finished the day 20-30 from the line. Yeah, Iowa made it to the line 30 times.

In general this team still looks very raw, and didn’t expect them to turn things around since the Seton Hall game. Iowa’s next showing is against Virginia on Friday, and I think we can all agree that the Hawkeyes are going to need to improve in a lot of areas to have any sort of chance against the Cavaliers.

More notes:

-Tyler Cook is still good.

-Point guard play is still kind of shaky.

-BTN Plus worked!

-And that’s really it. We’ll have more for you later this week. Post any musings you saw from the game in the comments.