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Iowa 28, Illinois 0: Quick Recap


Iowa v Illinois Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Welp who else thought Illinois was actually going to give us a game?

In all fairness, it was a two-score game going in to the fourth quarter, but then LeShun Daniels busted it wide open with this run in the fourth:

Oh, look at what happens when Akrum Wadley and Daniels are on the same field at the same time.

Daniels had himself a day, rushing for 159 on 26 carries. One week after the Wadley show, it was cool to see him assert himself in the backfield. Wadley had a good if not quiet day, rushing for 82 and a score on 13 carries.

We always knew running the ball was a strength of this team, and one would think that might open up the passing game, but nope! C.J. Beathard went 9/17 for just 80 yards and a pick. The interception wasn’t his fault, however. Iowa’s receivers just can’t catch the damn ball, and it’s definitely not good when the other team is able to force a turnover as a direct result of poor hands. These receivers have been and are a huge concern.

The defense did everything it needed to. Josey Jewell had another game with double-digit tackles, and Manny Rugamba forced another turnover! Desmond King also had his second interception of the year.

In total, Illinois had just 198 yards of offense, which is something you take all day every day.

We will have more for you tomorrow, but for now just enjoy this win and dream for the opportunity to end the season on a high note.