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NCAA Football: Michigan at Iowa Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports


That was a ball game. I think I speak for all of us when I say we did not see this coming. All week I heard about Iowa’s record at home when it’s a 21-point underdog, and how Iowa always plays up and down to its competition, but it didn’t matter. Michigan was playing some of the best football in the nation, and Iowa ... was not.

But the crowd and Hawkeyes pulled some rabbits out of some hats and here we are, talking about an Iowa win over the No. 3 freaking team in the country.

People said Iowa was going to have to ugly it up to have a chance, and ugly it up the Hawkeyes did.

C.J. Beathard was just 8/19 for 66 yards and a score and a pick. Wilton Speight was 11/26 for 103 yards and a pick. This game was not won through the air.

Akrum Wadley was the clear MVP. 23 carries for 115 yards and another 50 and a score through the air. The defense did its job, and Josey Jewell returned to the linebacker we saw all of last year. Michigan did not play to the best of its abilities, obviously, but if Iowa played like this all year we have at least three more wins on the schedule.

Anyway, we’ll have more for you tomorrow. The time for party is now.