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This week sucks!

NCAA Football: Purdue at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

This ... this is not a great week for Big Ten football.

One could make the argument that Michigan-Iowa is the best game even, but that would be a dumb and short conversation. The best game is clearly Indiana-Penn State, because Indiana is going to upset Penn State and it will be glorious.

Let’s get to predictin’

Michigan State vs. Rutgers

Ben: I think I’ve picked Michigan State for almost every game they’ve played in. They have to win sometime, right? RIGHT? Michigan State 21, Rutgers 7

Max: OKAY, SOMEONE IS GETTING THEIR FIRST CONFERENCE WIN THIS WEEK! But there can only be one… I’m gonna go with Michigan State, because do we really think Rutgers could beat anyone outside of Howard and that one team from New Mexico? Michigan State 17, Rutgers 7.

JPinIC: I keep doing it and keep getting burned, but MSU can’t really be worse than Rutgers, right? MSU 27, Rutgers 17

Dylan: I finally picked against MSU last week and it paid off. But Rutgers sucks something awful and I just can't entertain the thought of MSU going winless in the Big Ten, which likely would happen if they lose. Michigan State 23, Rutgers 17.

Rob: Each week I’ve been saying something along the lines of “Michigan State can’t actually be this bad” and each week they’ve found a way of proving me wrong. With that said, they just CAN’T lose to this Rutgers team … or can they? Michigan State 24, Rutgers 17

Nathan (HawkinATX): I have no idea how, but Sparty keeps losing games it has no business losing. Fool me once, MSU, shame on you… I’ll go against the grain here. But it really hurts to do it. Rutgers 28 - Michigan State 24

Danny: So tempted to go with Rutgers here, just to watch the world burn. That’ll happen at some point in these predictions, I’m sure, so let’s hold off for now. Michigan State 30, Rutgers 17.

Alex: I clearly understand nothing about Michigan State this year, hence why I keep picking them apparently. Gimme Sparty again this week in a pillow fight. Michigan State 24, Rutgers 6.

NCAA Football: Indiana at Rutgers Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana vs. No. 10 Penn State

Ben: Does Penn State continue its streak here? I really want to pick Indiana here because I can see the Nittany Lions floundering one last time before the end of the season. So I’m going to pick Indiana. Indiana 45, Penn State 35

Max: I don’t know how Penn State has lost any games after watching them last week, but I guess I also don’t know how Iowa has won five after last week. Maybe Saquon Barkley is tired after last week? Lol. Penn State 35, Indiana 20.

JPinIC: Penn State looked the part last weekend. Granted, that may have due to their lackluster opponent. But Indiana continues to show me little ability to stop anyone. Penn State 44, Indiana 31

Dylan: Don't worry, Indiana. Iowa really softened up the Nittany Lions for ya. *Snorts* Penn State 38, Indiana 21.

Rob: Coming off of a bludgeoning against the Hawkeyes, I think it’s fair to say that Penn State is officially on a roll, I don’t see this Indiana team stopping that. Penn State 31, Indiana 21

Nathan: Sorry Indiana, but this is just not gonna be good for you. But at least your offense will make the game look better than ours did. PSU 44 - Indiana 27

Danny: This is it, this has to be it. Up is down, down is up. We need a Penn State loss to get the world back on track. What better group to do it than my boys at IU? Indiana 41, Penn State 38.

Alex: Penn State looked pretty damn good last week. I’ve just never bought into the Indiana hype, either, although I’d love to see them ruffle up the B1G East standings one more time. Alas, I’ll take the Nittany Lions. Penn State 38, Indiana 24.

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue vs. Northwestern

Ben: What would happen if they, like, didn’t play this game, y’know? Northwestern 55, Purdue 14

Max: Purdue can’t stop the run, and Northwestern has themselves a pretty good running back to combat that lack of a run defense. Purdue’s D does the mannequin challenge for the entirety of the game and Northwestern gets back on track. Northwestern 40, Purdue 21.

JPinIC: Purdue: still not good at football. Meanwhile, Northwestern is at least OK at football. The last two weeks have been a tough stretch for them, but nothing gets an offense going like facing Purdue. Northwestern 35, Purdue 27

Dylan: Been a tough couple weeks for Northwestern, but Purdue is here to cure their woes. Purdue sucks and that won't change before the end of the season. Northwestern 34, Purdue 10.

Rob: Purdue is still not good at football and Northwestern is at least competent on both sides of the ball. The Wildcats should come out and win this game somewhat handily after back-to-back losses. Northwestern 35, Purdue 24

Nathan: Even the Hawkeyes looked good on offense against Purdue. NW 45 - Purdue 17

Danny: This game belongs on a Tuesday night. To be fair, Iowa-Purdue probably did too. Northwestern 35, Purdue 14.

Alex: I hate this game so much. Northwestern 34, Purdue 17.

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Northwestern Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

No. 7 Wisconsin vs. Illinois

Ben: Wisconsin continues its nasty streak against Illinois to get ready for Indy. Wisconsin 31, Illinois 7

Max: How badly do you think Wisconsin will get beaten in Indianapolis this year without an offense? Wisconsin 20, Illinois 10.

JPinIC: This game has actually already gone final. Wisconsin 27, Illinois 3

Dylan: I keep thinking Wisconsin’s offense will cost them a game here and there. Fortunately for them, the teams they close with won't exploit that. Wisconsin is heading back to Indy this year. Wisconsin 24, Illinois 7

Rob: Well, this week really isn’t all that chalk full of great games and this is certainly one of them. Wisconsin 31, Illinois 7

Nathan: If either team scores more than 25, then something has gone terribly wrong. Wisconsin 20 - Illinois 17

Danny: Why does it always feel like the Illini’s sole purpose in the Big Ten is to be a late-season tune up for a top team in the West? Wisconsin 24, Illinois 6.

Alex: I still can’t believe Wisconsin survived that schedule with only two losses. They certainly aren’t going to go through all of that trouble only to lose in Champaign. Wisconsin 27, Illinois 7.

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Ohio State Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland vs. No. 5 Ohio State

Ben: Really looking forward to my ham sandwich at lunch today. Ohio State 49, Maryland 7

Max: I don’t think this will be a fun game to watch unless you’re an Ohio State fan. Ohio State 55, Maryland 9.

JPinIC: Ohio State just hung 62 on “#10” Nebraska. They will outdo that this week if they make any effort at all. Ohio State 65, Maryland 13

Dylan: I'm realizing as I do this that this may be a very boring week for B1G football. Ohio State will name the score here. Ohio State 56, Maryland 13

Rob: Who can put more up on Maryland? Michigan put up 59 last week and I fully expect the Buckeyes to try to match if not surpass that. Ohio State 52, Maryland 7

Nathan: Don’t get me wrong, Maryland has no chance. But OSU’s offense has not been looking like a well-oiled machine. I think this scoreline stays at least marginally respectable. OSU 35 - Maryland 14

Danny: *Sighs* Ohio State 45, Maryland 18.

Alex: This game is exactly 0% compelling. Ohio State 38, Maryland 10.

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Illinois Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

No. 19 Nebraska vs. Minnesota

Ben: This game is a win-win for me. Nebraska Twitter is about the worst thing in the world, so I would love to see them get dumped by a sheisty Minnesota team, and all my high school friends and family went to Minnesota, so we can just hear them deflect to hockey season once Minnesota loses. Nebraska 21, Minnesota 10

Max: I think Nebraska is going to win this week, but I think that the margin is dependent on whether or not Tommy Armstrong plays. If he does, I think they’ll win by quite a bit. If he doesn’t, I think it’ll be a one score game. Let’s stay conservative here. Nebraska 23, Minnesota 19.

JPinIC: I could go either way on Nebraska this week. Either they take the drubbing they got last week and use it to reverse course or they lay down (like Iowa) and sleepwalk through the rest of the year. With Tommy Armstrong at the helm, I think the second is more likely. Minnesota 35, Nebraska 24

Dylan: Did you know Minnesota is 7-2? I didn't either. There's no way Nebraska is as bad as they showed last week and I think they are considerably better than Minnesota. I think Minnesota gets exposed like Nebraska did last week. Just not as dramatically. Nebraska 26, Minnesota 17

Rob: After starting off hot, the Cornhuskers have really experienced a fall from grace after being demolished by Ohio State last weekend. And I think that recent downturn will continue this week against a somewhat underrated or confusing Minnesota team. Minnesota 28, Nebraska 24

Nathan: How is this game the most interesting B1G game this week? I don’t understand either of these teams. I don’t think they understand themselves. But Nebraska will want to step up after last week. Nebraska 31 - Minnesota 17

Danny: Glad we’ve reestablished that Nebraska isn’t the best thing since sliced bread. Let’s not do that anymore, sound good? Cool. Ready, break. Nebraska 31, Minnesota 20.

Alex: Nebraska has been exposed recently and, while this is probably foolish, I like Minnesota at home here. Minnesota 23, Nebraska 20.

NCAA Football: Iowa at Penn State Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Iowa vs. No. 3 Michigan

Ben: Do I smell an upset? No, that’s just my ham sandwich coming up. Michigan a million, Iowa nothing

Max: Gotta stay consistent with my prediction from my Q&A. I don’t think Iowa’s offense will be able to move the ball even a little bit, and I’m also not sure how Iowa will stop an offense that is much more complete than the one it played last week in Happy Valley. Michigan throws for 200 and runs for another 150. Iowa does much less. Michigan 45, Iowa 0.

JPinIC: If Iowa is within 50 in this game, I will consider it a win. Michigan 63, Iowa 10

Dylan: I really don't even want to watch this game to be honest. But alas, my overlords expect me to produce some kind of recap on Sunday so I probably should watch. We’ll know what type of game this will be within the first 5 minutes, I can almost guarantee it. Unfortunately, I don't think Iowa has anywhere near what they need to make it remotely competitive. Michigan 48, Iowa 14.

Rob: Iowa … I apologize for what you’re about to experience. Michigan 45, Iowa 13

Nathan: You know how they say the grief is easier when you’ve been expecting it for a long time? And how they’re always wrong, and it still sucks? That’s this game. I know Iowa has no chance of winning. They might not even score. And it will still suck when it happens. I’m just going to throw up the score mom’s computer spit out so I don’t have to think about this game anymore. Michigan 36 - Iowa 8

Danny: Remember when Devin Gardner said Iowa’s the toughest place to play in the Big Ten? Something tells me that’s not going to matter much Saturday evening. Michigan 40, Iowa 7

Alex: Woof. Michigan 48, Iowa 10.