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The Hawkeyes moved to 5-3 and will not win the West.

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Iowa Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Well, outside of the drive to end the first half, the drive before Keith Duncan missed the field goal, and the drive that came after Desmond King’s big return, watching that game wasn’t super fun.

Give credit to the defense for keeping the Hawkeyes in the game, but man, C.J. and company just couldn’t keep anything going consistently. All in all, just a really frustrating game. Too many missed opportunities — missing field goals, not being able to move the ball after the defense continually gets it back to you.

Wisconsin missed two field goals and really didn’t look that great on offense.

A defensive touchdown or a turnover would’ve been fantastic, but that’s not why Iowa lost this game. Couldn’t tell what the offensive game plan was, and having Matt VandeBerg sure would’ve been nice. Shaky offensive line play all afternoon didn’t help either.

Credit Wisconsin for their play on defense, that linebacking core was as good as advertised.

As it says above, this was a must-win game if the Hawkeyes wanted to head back to the Big Ten Championship game. Man, this stinks.

Time to drink.