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Big Ten football, baby.

NCAA Football: Iowa at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

This first-half could be summed up with two sentences. Iowa is doing a very nice job punting, and not doing a good job tackling. That’s, uh, not an ideal way to win a football game.

However, you guys deserve more than that, so here are a few quick observations.

  • That third-down George Kittle/play clock debacle really, really hurts. The Hawkeyes probably aren’t going to get a better shot with a short field like that, and only coming away with three points after a series of mental errors isn’t great.
  • Iowa’s defensive line and inside linebackers are doing a good job, the secondary is not. As I write this, Desmond King misses a tackle and Wisconsin’s close to the end zone as Todd McShay tells us he only gives up 2.2 yards after the catch.
  • The Wisconsin quarterback situation is nothing short of puzzling.
  • Wow, what a break a few seconds before the halftime. That’s the danger of sticking the ball out to cross the goal line, and good on Josey Jewell for making that play and King making up for that missed tackle and getting the recovery.
  • Too many missed opportunities in the passing game. What the running backs have been showing us has been solid, and the few chances to take advantage of that through the air — at least in the early going — leaves some to be desired.
  • How in the world was that not a late hit on Cichy when C.J. was running out of bounds before the end of the half?

All in all, things could be a lot worse, and could be a lot better. The offense showed signs of life in the hurry-up before the end intermission, good on Miguel Recinos for nailing the 47-yarder before the end of the second period.


That red zone defense, though.

How are we feeling headed into the second half?