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Beathard's mysterious injury problems -- solved at last!

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Remember that mysterious lingering injury that plagued Iowa starting quarterback C.J. Beathard for much of Iowa's outstanding 2015 season?  Well, there's some good news and bad news on that front.

First the bad news: despite hope that he would be able to heal up from the injury with rest during the off-season, Beathard did end up needing to undergo surgery to repair the injury that hampered him for several games in 2015, as first reported by Hawkeye Report.

Now the good news: Beathard is expected to make a full recovery from the surgery and should be fully healthy and ready to go in around six weeks -- in time for Iowa's spring practices.  Hooray!

So what was the mystery injury that impacted Beathard this season? Hawkeye Nation got the scoop from a pretty clued-in source: Beathard's dad, Casey.

"(Meyers) said that more than anything it's a core injury. He doesn't like to call it sports hernia but that's what people have called it," Casey said. "It's basically the lining that holds your core together in your groin area is torn. It was pretty straight ahead, (C.J.'s) repair.

Ouch.  Sports hernias can be pretty debilitating injuries, so the fact that Beathard was able to play while suffering the effects of one -- and more than that, play really damn well for most of the season -- is incredibly impressive.  If you needed any further confirmation that he's one tough dude, well, there you go.

The offseason rest and heal up plan got scuttled when the pain Beathard had been dealing with all fall just wouldn't go away.  Per Hawkeye Nation:

When the pain persisted, the family checked with University of Iowa Orthopedics and Rehabilitation doctor, Brian Wolf, Casey said.

Wolf referred the Beathards to Minnesota Orthopedics doctor, Christopher Larson, Casey said. After Larson examined C.J., he referred him to Philadelphia doctor William Meyers of the Vincera Institute. With his advanced MRI equipment and expertise in the area, Meyers found that C.J.'s injury was more than a strain.

Beathard's grandfather, former NFL general manager Bobby Beathard, consulted his contacts in the NFL about who C.J. should see to treat the injury; they recommended Meyers as well.  Meyers has performed similar procedures on the likes of J.J. Watt, Marshawn Lynch, and Arian Foster.

Fortunately, it sounds like the procedure itself went smoothly and C.J. should finally be able to get back to 100% -- and in time for spring practice, no less.  Dreaming about Iowa's 2016 campaign was enjoyable enough with what we knew about what Iowa is slated to return next season; now we get to add in the prospect of a fully healthy and unleashed Beathard to those dreams?  That's a fun thought.

Best wishes to Beathard for a full and speedy recovery.