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This might be the most factors of any Big Ten game in 2016!

Why are they fighting eachother???
Why are they fighting eachother???
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College Basketball March Madness 2016. The grandaddy of "them all." Some coaches say championship here we come!, but other teams are like, whoa buddy, not today. But what does this have to do with Iowa basketball verse Michigan St. basketball? Keep reading... you'll see!!!

March Madne

March Madness 2016



Iowa basketball is currantly doing its best basketball maybe ever. Jared Utoff is scoring like 30 points per games, and Peter Jock is not too far behind! All together they are scoring so many points it's literally insane. Iowa basketball is perfect in Big 10 basketball, but there's a big time test lurking, maybe you've heard of them, oh yeah... Michigan St.!!!! We beat them like crazy, which was revenge for the Big 10 football champ game, but this wasn't a champ game, so maybe we owe them more revenge. If it is too much revenge though, they get to revenge us back one day, maybe when you least expect it! This could be the biggest factor to compare and contrast if you are Iowa basketball trying to get to College Basketball March Madness 2016! Nobody said sports wasn't scary, pal! (chuckling to self)

Iowa and Michigan State are right now the top 2 teams in the Big 10 league according to Ken Palmeroy, who is the biggest nerd in college basketball 2016 today. He says his numbers are never wrong, and nobody can know for sure if he is right or not. That means this is basically a champ game, but not for sure. Maybe... just a preveiw!

The biggest factor for Michigan Spartans is does Denzel Washington get to play the game. You thought he was good in Holly wood, wait 'till you check out his hoops! Denzel didn't play the last time Iowa and Michigan St. were on the "basketball gridiron" because he was hurt, boo hoo! The loss still counts you know. Some say Denzel is "medically cleared" but nobody knows what that means... not even wikepedia!

Did you mean: medical cleaner
  • took over the sidelines for the rest of the season. Though Martz was medicallycleared to return, management refused to let him do so and he was fired after
    4 KB (176 words) - 20:02, 11 January 2016
  • Paul Buentello at UFC 51, the UFC explained that Buentello was not medicallycleared to fight when the main event was originally scheduled.

No not cleaner, dummy! LOL

Denzel will probably play the basketball game because he does not want to be a quiter on his team like my cousin Trent quit on his sophomore football team just becuase he had bad grades and got accused of stealing the computer out of Mr. Reed's classroom. But there is no way to be sure if Denzel will play!

There is another factor Iowa maybe didnt consider when they said Denzel could take the day off the first time around. It might be that Spartans gets to ask if Jarod Uthalf will miss this game in return!!! It is called quit pro quo, even though these guys are still student athletes and not pros! This might be the biggest double cross in college basketball 2016 and nobody can do anything about it! Fran McCafry maybe would say, "you gotta give me a break!!!!"

you gotta give me a break

Some experts say that the winner of this pivettle game will maybe definitely win the Big 10 but there is no way to be sure... not until a little month I like to call March... Madness! The looser will be the laughing stalk of the rest of the season. I bet Tom Izo is telling his players,"Don't sc**w this up!" Sorry for language, my teacher reads this sometimes, and if he sees bad words he gets so mad he might puke his pants!

Did you know Iowa played Drake this year? LOL what, I think I would have rememberred that. I thought he only liked Toronto and Kentucky and whatever team is doing good. Maybe he won't ever be an Iowa Hawkeyes 2016 fan though because Iowa Hawkeyes really "crushed him to the cleaners," which means you have mad rap beef. If Drake hates you, you turn into Meek Mill, who is the worst rapper ever. Drake wrote the meanest lyrics ever about him!!

Screenshot Norm

I dont know who this is but he spelled counseler really wrong

This game is at the Breslen Center, which is where Mich. St. does most of their dunk shots. The crowd's favorite chant is "Do the dunk shots, Spartens!" And then they do them. It is the most electrocuting atmospheare in maybe all of college basketball 2016! Iowa has not won at MSU State since forever. Can they "stop the trend," no pun intented, or is this just disaster as usual? There are many factors to consider in home cord advantage. It's not until you compare and contrast them all that you can see what is really what.

One thing is for sure,