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The final ranking triggers yet another sizable bonus for Kirk Ferentz in the process.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The damage from Iowa's rough Rose Bowl showing is in, and... it's not too terrible. Iowa fell from No. 6 to No. 9—nice—in the final AP poll, which might as well be gospel since the College Football Playoff (who had Iowa at No. 5) doesn't release postseason rankings.

Ferentz's fifth finish in the AP Top 10 ties him with Forest Evashevski for the all-time Iowa lead (Hayden Fry only had two, and Dr. Eddie Anderson provided the other in 1939), which seems pretty good. It might be worth noting that Evy had a penchant for finishing in the top six (four times) while Ferentz hasn't cleared that barrier yet, but the college football landscapes of each coach's era were significantly different things.

All told, Ferentz has locked up $900,000 in bonus money for Iowa's stellar season, per the USA Today:

The $250,000 award will give Ferentz $900,000 in bonuses this season for his team's performance and coaching honors he won. His basic compensation from the school for this season was $4.075 million, which helped make him the nation's 14th-highest-paid football coach in terms of overall pay, according to USA TODAY Sports' annual compensation survey.

In addition to the rankings bonus, Ferentz achieved:

--$250,000 for the team going undefeated in Big Ten Conference regular season play.
--$250,000 for the team's participation in the Rose Bowl, which this season was a CFP non-semifinal.
--$50,000 for being voted Big Ten coach of the year.
--$100,000 for winning at least one of a dozen national coach-of-the-year awards listed in his contract (he has both the Eddie Robinson and Bobby Dodd awards).

It's also worth noting that Ferentz's five finishes in the AP Top 10 have all come after Nebraska's last same finish, in 2001. Maybe some day, Little Stepbrother will catch up to the Hawkeyes. Maybe not.