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There are Iowa fans everywhere in SoCal.

John Sears

It's Rose Bowl time, which means pictures, pictures, and more pictures.  Starting with team pictures for the Hawkeyes:

There's a dude filming this with a giant camera. Hollywood!

A photo posted by Marc Morehouse (@morehousemarc) on

And lots of pictures of the fans swarming all over southern California.

The get-together at the USS Iowa was another enormous assembly of Iowa fans -- much bigger than the folks at the USS Iowa anticipated, apparently.

Iowa fans also took to the beaches!

The Hawkeye Huddle was an explosion of black and gold, too.

Iowa of course had an impressive showing at the Tournament of Roses Parade.

How many Iowa fans are there going to be in the Rose Bowl?  A whole bunch, it sounds like.

The view at the Rose Bowl looks as good as ever.

And the Iowa locker room is getting ready, too.

It's almost time, guys.  ALMOST TIME. Feel free to share any cool Iowa-related pictures you find on Twitter or Facebook (or that you've taken yourself if you're in Pasadena!) in the comments.