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We need to watch some of that again.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

LET'S SEE SOME OF THAT AGAIN. This week, we'd thought we'd take a look back at Iowa's opening performance and discuss what's new, exciting or downright different. We'll start with my favorite play from Iowa's scrimmage game with Illinois State, the shovel pass from C.J. Beathard to Jordan Canzeri.

Look at JC scoot! I loved Iowa's ratio between their top two backs, LeShun Daniels and Canzeri, and thought their roles fit their skillset perfectly. Canzeri isn't going to line up and run you over 20 times a game but he will do some damage when you get him the ball in space.

Iowa did a nice job of working in the screen, shovel and the delayed hand-off to offset a pass rush. We'll see more of that when the competition gets better, especially in Big Ten play. No video here, but JC showed more scoot on a late first half screen pass and some nice hands on a rocket from CJB out of the backfield. More please.

Speaking of Beathard, let's take a look why Iowa and Greg Davis is better with him at QB. First, the arm strength

These bubble screens or quick passes have always been part of Davis' playbook, and most in college football really. But they work for positive yards when you have a cannon arm that gets the ball out as fast as Beathard. The wide receivers really have a chance to make a guy miss and make a play. Plus, it will force the defense to move up and that opens up a later deep ball.

This next pass was almost a miss but turned out to be in a perfect spot -- nice hands, MVB.

Now, maybe the most important part of his game -- at least to Iowa's success this year. We've seen Iowa have solid seasons when the QB could make plays with his feet. Whether it was Brad Banks taking it down on a QB draw (which CJB did early in the game and scored a six-yard TD) or Drew Tate extending plays with his feet, Beathard appears to be able to do both. With young tackles, it's imperative that CJ can extend plays like he did here:

Beathard wasn't perfect. He missed on a couple occasions and had Henry Kreiger-Coble wide open if he saw him. That's OK. He'll be much better in November than even Saturday.

Finally, notice something different?