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These are cool dogs.

Oh man oh man oh man oh man. Look. LOOK.

Cool dogs

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

THE DOGS ARE WEARING IOWA GEAR AND THEY'RE ALSO WEARING SUNGLASSES. This basically makes them the coolest dogs of all time. Plus they're collies, so they're super smart, and if smart dogs are Iowa fans then it stands to reason that if your dog isn't an Iowa fan it's probably not too bright*.

*Which is also fine! There's a lot to be said about a dog that will never outsmart you. You just need to be clear on what your individual pup's high and low points are, and if your pup isn't an Iowa fan, well, you might not want to sign it up for Doggy Mensa. That's a thing, right?

Our favorite detail, though—aside from the obvious "it's dogs" and "they're wearing Iowa gear" and "they're also wearing sunglasses" and "this is literally a photo available to us at BHGP"—is probably the caption. Here's what the USA Today caption gave us, no lie:

Sep 5, 2015; Iowa City, IA, USA; Iowa Hawkeyes fans look on prior to the Hawkeyes' game against the Illinois State Redbirds at Kinnick Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

"Iowa Hawkeyes fans look on." That is an absolutely glorious slow-play. We tip our hats.

DO YOU KNOW THESE COOL DOGS? We want to interview these cool dogs.