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Football's back!

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

As we said earlier today, when last we saw Iowa football, things were not good. The Nebraska and Tennessee losses were fiascoes of the highest order and they left pretty much everyone around Iowa football feeling angry, bitter, and frustrated.

So the $4.5 million question for Iowa football right now: are things better now? The coaches think so. And the players think so. The rest of us? Well, we hope so. And now we're going to find out if we're right. Iowa is going to need to play well to win this game -- Illinois is a good team, FCS or not. They have weaknesses -- inexperience in a few key areas, a lack of depth -- but they have enough talent to beat Iowa, especially if Iowa plays as poorly as they did against Nebraska (holy turnovers and special teams gaffes, Batman) or Tennessee (holy everything-is-broken, Batman). Those games left a bad taste in our mouths for months; one assumes they didn't make the coaches or players feel too good, either. Let's hope we see a very different -- and better -- Iowa today.

The game gets underway on BTN at 11 AM Central.

The usual rules apply: no links to illegal online streams, no porn, no religion, no politics, no slurs. Don't be an ass.

Let's go Hawks.