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After a nearly nine-month slumber, college football has returned to us.  Huzzah!  As has become tradition, the season is kicking off on a Thursday night -- and this is probably the best opening slate we've had since the "Thursday kickoff" thing became a tradition in college football.

Big Ten Games
7:30 PM: Michigan at Utah (Fox Sports 1)
8 PM: TCU at Minnesota (ESPN)

The Big Ten is not sitting out opening night -- hell, they probably have the most interesting games of the night.  The first B1G game features the debut of HARBAUGH, while the other game features the on-the-rise (maybe?  hopefully not) Gophers hosting #2 TCU, gearing up for a scorched earth run to secure the CFB Playoff bid they were denied a year ago.

Games From Other, Lesser Leagues
5 PM: North Carolina vs South Carolina (ESPN)
5 PM: FIU at UCF (CBS Sports)
6 PM: Oklahoma State at Central Michigan (ESPNU)
7 PM: Western Kentucky at Vanderbilt (SEC Network)
8:30 PM: Duke at Tulane (CBS Sports)
9 PM: UTSA at Arizona (Pac 12 Network)
12 AM: Colorado at Hawaii (CBS Sports)

The season officially gets underway with the Battle of the Carolinas (or FIU-UCF, I guess, if you're a hipster or a committed Fun Belt fan), which could maybe be interesting?  If nothing else, we'll probably get to see the Ol' Ball Coach throw his visor at some point.  Oklahoma State visiting Central Michigan is a sneaky weird game that could have upset potential... for a half or so.  But for prime Weird Football, nothing's likely to top the laaaaate game, Colorado at Hawaii, which doesn't even get going until midnight Central.  Let's get weird.

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