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Let's see that again.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

LET'S WATCH THAT AGAIN. We won't spend a ton of time on this week's game. It was mismatch from the start. Iowa did what they wanted for the most part and were able to get the W as well as some reps for the second units and rest for the starters. We'll start with more love for the offensive line.

That's getting a hat on a hat. Iowa's three interior linemen really shine on this play. Also, you can see the physical mismatch Iowa vs North Texas was.

So, let's talk defense. Especially The Edge. Iowa's mantra this season has been to build an edge. Next we'll see a play that may appear at Wisconsin. Now, the formation is different and there isn't option the end from the shotgun from Wisconsin but they will test the boundary to loosen the middle.

This is a tough play for Nate Meier,  the optioned defender. But, he does an excellent job of quickly recognizing the handoff and gets parallel down the line of scrimmage. One knock there -- he needs to remove that first step forward and get parallel sooner.

Greb Mabin has a lead blocker dive at his knees but otherwise sets the edge. Notice Jordan Lomax attack. We saw that at Pitt, too. I really like his aggressiveness coming downhill against the run. Iowa's linebackers are in pursuit and clean up nicely. Still, positive yards for North Texas.

Now, let's talk Raider.

Now this was particularly curious here. As you see, it was 3rd and 5 and Iowa went to a 3-3-5 look with Drew Ott, Parker Hesse and Nate Meier on the defense line. They stand up and move around. The linebackers do, too. That's what we're calling the Raider.

Notice North Texas recognize Hesse and audible to a different play. We see Hesse get mauled as the point of attack  but Iowa hold for only a four yard gain. Was it a trap? I doubt it and I'm not sure this is the way to go against a team with a pulse. 3rd and six, maybe.

Back to the edge.

Nate Meier takes on a double team and still forces the play wide. I'd like to see Maurice Fleming a little more aggressive but that'll come with more experience. Watch Jaleel do Jaleel things here and make the play. Credit Meier for holding the edge, too.

Finally, our last spot reserved for that one play.

I made it 3.25 games this season without cussing Greg Davis. That ended when they ran this play. I like the idea of giving Wisconsin yet one more thing to think about, but not with a running back getting his first carry in his college life. Why put a kid in that situation?