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Aside from a "silly" five minutes or so, Iowa was darn near perfect the first half.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

When you talk about a player being perfect it's rare that you can actually point at their statistics and say "they were perfect." But yeah, that's what C.J. Beathard was in the first half. Beathard went 15/15 for 254 yards and threw for 2 touchdowns, including a beautiful 81-yard deep bomb to Tevaun Smith. He hasn't been doing it alone, though, as Jordan Canzeri scored 3 touchdowns on the ground and rushed for 72 yards. Iowa's offense, when not making mistakes, looks beautiful.

The problem is that Iowa's offense made a couple of boneheaded mistakes. Canzeri was hesitant on a stretch play and had the ball ripped out of his hands, leading to a Mean Green field goal. Derrick Mitchell, who we've been wanting to see for weeks now, finally got on the field in the second quarter. Naturally, the first play call was a reverse trick play and Mitchell made a bad lateral (which wasn't entirely his fault), resulting in the Mean Green recovering at Iowa's 6-yard line. North Texas scored on a trick play of their own the very next play and Mitchell hasn't seen the field since.

No worries though. Beathard and Canzeri drove Iowa right back down the field and gave Iowa a 35-13 lead. Let's hope we can see some Weigers, Mitchell and Wadley in the second half.

Game is on ESPNU.

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