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We get injury updates and more from this week's Kirk Ferentz press conference.

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FERENTZ SPEAKS. "It's a new me," joked Ferentz.

THERE'S A RECAP. Here's a link. I'll summarize bullet style.

  • About North Texas, "games aren't played on paper'
  • Not so much the change of time for practices but the mindset of the team
  • KF praises Marshall Koehn and Dan McCarney
  • LeShun Daniels couldn't drive off his injured foot
  • Jordan Canzeri is healthy and it shows
  • Drew Ott is still not 100% and Ferentz would sit him Saturday if they need to
  • Jake Duzey was in uniform and got some work but doubtful for this week
  • Ferentz isn't talking about 2009 level success yet
  • Ferentz is happy with the interior line play and with James Daniels progressing
And, I'll include this section because it's important.
Q. With the rugby-style punt, is this a case of if you can't beat them, join them? Because you're on record of not really liking that.
COACH FERENTZ: Yeah, it's a new me. It's as simple as this. You just get back to everybody that left the stadium back there in November, everybody, players, coaches, every fan that we have, and we have the best fans in the world, everybody left saying, hmm, you know. Really? Okay. So you go through a little period like that, and the bowl game wasn't much fun either.

So you go back and look at everything. Yeah, we were wide open. We had an open mind back in January, more so in February, March, April. What can we do to be better? I don't think we look totally different right now as a football team. But if we can make some tweaks and little changes that are going to help us and be advantageous, then, yeah, we're open to it.

It's all about moving forward. So that's kind of what we've all, and everybody has made great contributions, all the guys on the staff. So that's what it's all about. That's what we ask our team to do too.

CJ DOESN'T LIKE GETTING HIT IN THE FACE. We all held our breath as C.J. Beathard slowly got off his back after literally get hit in the mouth. Ferentz was asked about the no-call and deferred to Big Ten officials watching that this season and coaching his players not to hit that high. As for Beathard, well, it just pissed him off.

CJ IS STILL FEELING IT IN HIS HIP. Iowa's QB was roughed up, putting it lightly. But, his most concerning injury may have come on Iowa's first TD of the game. Diving for the pylon, Beathard took a shot and tweaked his hip. He's sore and getting the ice bath but he'll hopefully be fine.

THE BRO-IEST OF PODCASTS. There's something like 10 podcasts related to Iowa Football these days (I'm guilty). There's pros like Morehouse and Dochterman and then there's not like myself joining former Hawkeye footballers Anton Narinskiy and Drew Tate. Anton and Drew do this every week for Huddlecast and the player prospective is always interesting.

SPEAKING OF BROS. Ferentz mentioned it above. He and Dan McCarney go back. Way back. And Rick Brown says Hayden Fry almost fired them both.


I DON'T LIVE IN IOWA CITY. But if I did, I'd consider showing some support for these ladies.