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Let's look at that again.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

HAVE YOU EVER... Watched those old Iowa games on the Big Ten Network over the summer and thought, "man, look at all those pros?" We got to see two future pros battle head-to-head Saturday night and it's a match-up we'll never forget (thanks, Marshall Koehn).

Tyler Boyd will be the best wide receiver Iowa will face this season. And he had compliments for the Iowa secondary as well.

Iowa's Desmond King got the better of the matchup early. Thanks to Pitt QB Nate Peterman,

Now, that's a poorly thrown ball but watch King's position along the route. He became the receiver and played this perfectly.

Boyd won his battles too. He finished with 10 catches for 131 yards and a touchdown. Here's a win over Desmond King on the second drive before King's INT. Ankles broken.

And here he beats Mabin. Look, Mabin's a good player and having a nice start to the season but Boyd is just on another level. Sometimes guys are that good.

How about pick #2 for King (his third in four of Iowa's opponents' possessions). It followed both of these Boyd receptions.

King cuts off the route and takes the inside. As Glen Mason pointed out, King didn't have to worry about getting beat deep. He then becomes the receiver and makes a great grab for a defensive back.

NOW. Something new from the offense. Iowa had trouble finding room to run and credit Pitt for a tough defense. Especially in the trenches. Iowa pulled out some new in the run game and it was identified by Marc Morehouse in this blog post.


I'll let Morehouse explain:

Instead of a regular inside zone, the Hawkeyes ran a split zone out of a jumbo formation, with tight ends Henry Krieger Coble and George Kittle lined up tight right with wide receiver Matt VandeBerg beginning the play on the outside of Kittle's hip.

Ball is snapped and VandeBerg shows a reverse motion. The Pitt linebackers freeze and watch for a mesh between MVB and CJB. Meanwhile, Kittle pulls and takes out the backside DE. HKC seals the playside LB. Canzeri makes free running LB miss. Center Austin Blythe perfectly seals the MLB and it's a 7-yard gain for Canzeri.

The SHIELD HAS BEEN COMPROMISED! Yeah, they're going to have to fix this. Last Saturday was a down-right good ol' American football game. Both coaching staffs did a great job of preparing for one another and this is a good example of Pitt's scouting of Iowa's new shield punt formation. Iowa will have to return to the drawing board for this one.