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The annual chance to show off your picking prowess.

He's studying up to win the BHGP College Pick 'Em contest this year -- are you?
He's studying up to win the BHGP College Pick 'Em contest this year -- are you?
Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Did you think we forgot about that cherished fall tradition known as the Pick 'Em contest?  Well, we didn't.  We were just a little slow on the draw to get it set up.  But it's ready to go now.

As usual, we're going through Yahoo.


GROUP NAME: BHGP College Pick 'Em
GROUP ID#: 8879
PASSWORD: hawkeyes


GROUP NAME: BHGP College Pick 'Em 2
GROUP ID#: 10160
PASSWORD: hawkeyes

If more groups are needed, I'll add more.  Let me know in the comments or drop me note on Twitter (@RossWB).


1) Pick the correct team for every game in the contest each week.

2) The pool of games we'll be selecting from includes the Yahoo default games (aka, the most interesting games of the week) AND all games involving Big Ten teams.

EDIT: That isn't quite true this week -- you'll probably notice that the TCU-Minnesota and Utah-Michigan games are not available for selection.  Yahoo! does not include Thursday games at all, on opening week or throughout the season.  Their "gameweek" starts on Fridays.  So it goes.

3) You will be making picks against the spread for each game. This is why I said "pick the correct team" and not "pick the winner" up above, because the correct team will not be the winning team if they fail to cover the spread.  In other words, if you pick OSU as a 24-point favorite over Rutgers and they only beat Rutgers by 17 points, you will not get any points for the matchup.  Rutgers would have been the correct team to pick in that matchup.  Favorites are listed with a minus sign and underdogs are listed with a plus sign, so for this matchup you would see OSU -24 and Rutgers +24.

4) We are not utilizing confidence points.

5) You can edit your picks for each game up to five minutes before each game's kick-off.

6) The winner is determined by makes the most correct picks.

7) The winner of the season-long competition will be awarded a fabulous BHGP shirt (new designs coming soon!) of his or her choosing, as well as the adoration of the BHGP community.


If you've got any other questions, hit up the comments.