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Is Illinois for real?

Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Time for another day full of college football action.  But I'll be honest: the early games don't really offer a whole lot to get too excited about.  I mean, UConn-Mizzou is on ESPN.  So... yeah.  The most intriguing Big Ten game might be Illinois-North Carolina, which should give us a much better idea of just how for real Illinois is this year after their romps in the first two weeks of the season.  Also intriguing?  Northwestern-Duke.  Sadly, it's on ESPN3, although it might also be on one of your local channels -- check your CW affiliate.

Outside the Big Ten, there's, uh... not much.  Again: UConn-Mizzou is on ESPN.  Maybe Nevada or Tulsa can put a scare into Texas A&M or Oklahoma, respectively.

Big Ten Games
11 AM
Air Force at Michigan State (ABC)
Illinois at North Carolina (ESPN2)
USF at Maryland (ESPNU)
UNLV at Michigan (BTN)
Kent State at Minnesota (BTN)

11:30 AM
Northwestern at Duke (check local listing,

Games From Other, Lesser Leagues
11 AM
UConn at Missouri (ESPN)
Tulsa at Oklahoma (FS1)
Nevada at Texas A&M (SEC Network)
Wake Forest at Army (CBS Sports)

1 PM
Georgia State at Oregon (Pac 12 Network)

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