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BHGP College Pick 'Em 2015 - Post-Week 2 Standings Update

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Pick some winners.

A belated update on the BHGP College Pick 'Em standings after two weeks of action.  As you'd expect with just two weeks in the books, things are pretty tightly bunched together, with BLeez17 holding a narrow one-point lead over lonhawk and Maryland Crabbers.

BHGP 2015 Pick Em - Week 2

The full top 50 and ties -- which is actually the top 69 this week -- is available here.

And a shout-out to our weekly top finishers -- John hawktoasten and Mademyaccount4u took top honors in Week 1 with 16 correct picks.

IowaPharmer, BLeez17, Maryland Crabbers, and CJB for prez grabbed top honors in Week 2 with 18 correct picks.  Well done, all!

Don't forget to make your Week 3 picks if you haven't done so yet.