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Kirk Ferentz follows in the footsteps for Bud Foster and implements a system of fines for the Iowa football program.

IOWA CITY, IA -- Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz announced Monday morning as part of the new game week routine a system that imposes fines against the newly allowed cost-of-attendance stipend for players due to misconduct. The news follows Virginia Tech coach Bud Foster creating a similar system and Cincinnati coach Tommy Tuberville voicing his support for fines as well.

The fines are just a part of Iowa's new routine that Ferentz introduced this season, including morning practices, moving the off day from Sunday to Thursday, and doing a more regular Friday practice vs. a light walk-through.

Though the number of programs looking to implement a fine system is low right now, Ferentz said he did his due diligence before creating the system. "From our standpoint we felt there were too many advantages not to go that route," Ferentz told BHGP. "It is something I have been contemplating for a couple of days. We feel we can force our players to do things the right way and set them up to graduate by threatening to take away stipend funds, that, let's be honest, they'll probably waste going downtown."

BHGP was able to procure this picture of the fines that Ferentz has imposed:

Ferentz Fines

ED. NOTE: In case it wasn't clear -- yes, this is a JOKE.  It is not real.  Do not report this as news, Sporting News.