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It's the end of the most wonderful week of the year.

It's the last week before game week, which means only one thing: It's time for Theory of Iowa Football with The Gazette's Marc Morehouse (@marcmorehouse). Topics on your syllabus include: Why eight wins every season might make Brian Ferentz the next head coach, how Iowa intends to change everything without changing anything, and how all of this probably depends on a decision made by the Board of Regents next month. I apologize for the audio difficulties -- we were having Skype connection problems off and on throughout -- but it's worth the listen nonetheless.

You've got three options to listen:

1. Use the embedded player below.

2. Head over to the BHGPodcast Podbean page to get this and other episodes.

3. Subscribe on your favorite podcast app.  Be sure to select the version with the Go Iowa Awesome logo and not the old BHGP logo.  Subscribers usually get the podcast the night before it posts here.