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Points for you, points for you. And you and you and you.

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NOW THAT THE FOURTH HAS PASSED. We've turned the corner on Summer. That means Football news is near. The end of the month will kick off media days and practice pics! It'll also be prime fluff season, so, we'll get our fair share. Until then, we have Prime Time League hoops and the news that comes from it. Forget the ridiculous stats and let's see what stories emerged thus far.

UTHOFF DON'T CARE BOUT NO BO. Bo Ryan is retiring, in case you haven't heard. Jarrod Uthoff once sat on the bench as a red-shirt for Bo in what seems like forever ago. He was asked what he thought about Wisconsin's big announcement. Uthoff said, "I could care less what those guys do." Fair enough. Uthoff has had enough to focus on at the Nike Camp where's he's playing pick up games against Paul George and James Harden.

AT LEAST ONE NEWCOMER IS LIGHTING UP THE PTL. Andrew Fleming isn't shy shooting the ball. Watch as he pours in 37 points.

BRADY ELLINGSON GETS A MEDICAL RED-SHIRT. Ellingson saw very little action last year as a freshman as his season was derailed with a nagging foot injury. The NCCA appoved Ellingson's request and he'll still have four years of eligibility starting this Fall.

MIKE GESELL WILL MAJOR IN HOOPS THIS YEAR. He graduated in May with a degree in finance. That totally makes sense since his name is Mike G and he's here to get money. He'll be the team leader and all that.

ADAM WOODBURY SAYS HIS SHOT IS SO PRETTY. He's just leaving it up there these days. He's averaging 20 points and should without much height to defend him. It's hard to believe he and Gesell are entering their senior seasons.

NICHOLAS BAER WANTS REAL PLAYING TIME. With six new faces (seven if you count Ellingson), there's heavy competition for playing time this year. Walk-on Nicholas Baer thinks he should be in the mix too.

LADIES HOOPS. Former Hawk and now WNBA rookie Sam Logic was traded last weekend.