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Let's talk about high school kids and their hopes and dreams. See how fast that can get creepy? Have a seat over there.

After what can only be called the most successful recruiting month in the last decade of Iowa football, we felt it was time to reconvene our semiannual recruiting Creepycast. For this edition, we're joined by Andrew Kulha (@Hawkeyes247), recruiting analyst for Voice of the Hawkeyes, the Iowa 247 Sports site. We recap what has happened, preview what's coming next, and try to get to the bottom of that whole star ranking thing.

Oh, and there's new theme music. Because why not.

To listen, head over to the Podbean page, use the embedded player below, or subscribe on your podcast app of choice to get the show a bit earlier than your web-based friends.  Just be sure to choose the version of the podcast with the Go Iowa Awesome logo, and not the old BHGP logo.  It will make you the coolest kid in the cafeteria, regardless of whether you're of the appropriate age for the cafeteria in question.