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Someone missed the day they taught Batshit Insanity at Indiana.

Anyone who has followed this blog over the last couple of years knows that we have a bit of history with ESPN college basketball analyst Dan Dakich.  While he's the nation's most prominent Steve Alford apologist and a perpetual annoyance to Iowa fans, the fact is that he's taken most of our jokes in good humor.  He even went so far as to blatantly attempt to fill our Dan Dakich Bingo Card for last season's Iowa-Wisconsin telecast, adding references to Aaron Craft and Indiana before shouting "Bingo!"

Unfortunately, it looks like Dakich doesn't get the joke so well when it isn't aimed at him.  On Tuesday, we posted a farcical post about Greg Davis suing Kirk Ferentz over Iowa's offense.  On Wednesday, Dakich took it as true:

We know the post didn't have the blatant and hilarious absurdity of a fake argument over whether "Done" and "Done Deal" mean the same thing, but it wasn't exactly a Mad Men script.  The "lawsuit" was brought in the 712th Nonjudicial District and included a counterclaim "for the wrongful death of the Iowa running game," after all.

Nevertheless, we're happy that Dan's reading, that he's providing us with material for next year's Bingo card, and that Iowa fans and Dan Dakich can finally agree on something: Fire Greg Davis now.