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Time for the big show.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

It's a Final Four that's received an incredible amount of hype -- and it's not hard to see why.  You've got two of the sport's biggest blue blood programs (Duke and Kentucky), probably the best Wisconsin team ever, and Tom Izzo working more of his March magic -- plenty to get excited about.  The heavyweight bout tonight is certainly Kentucky versus Wisconsin, which is a rematch of a classic Final Four game a year ago and, more importantly, a match-up of one of the best offenses in recent history (Wisconsin) against one of the best defenses in recent history (Kentucky).  Seeing who wins that battle alone is worth tuning in.  Of course, you've also got the subplot of Kentucky's quest for a perfect 40-0 season, potentially the final game ever of Frank Kaminsky's tremendous career, and more NBA Draft picks -- on both sides! -- than you can shake a pretty big stick at.

The early game holds some intrigue, too.  Duke is a considerable favorite and did beat MSU pretty handily earlier this year -- 71-61 in early December -- but Sparty has improved a lot since then (though Duke has as well) and they have the benefit of a lot more gamefilm to watch to prep for Okafor, WInslow, and the rest of Duke's studs.  And, hey, who knows how much March magic Izzo has left in his bag of tricks?

Should be fun.

#1 Duke VS #7 Michigan State DUKE -5.5 TBS 5:09 PM
#1 Kentucky VS #1 Wisconsin KENT -4.5 TBS 7:49 PM

If you're not near a TV, you can stream the games through March Madness Live.

The usual rules apply.