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The last week of Spring football is here. Let's see what Iowa's defensive and offensive coordinator said about the team.

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THE LAST WEEK OF SPRING FOOTBALL IS HERE. Iowa's two coordinators Phil Parker and Greg Davis talk about the team. Iowa concludes Spring practice with a Spring game this Saturday inside Kinnick Stadium. BTN2Go will have the stream.

There's video and transcripts of both Parker and Davis on Marc Morehouse's On Iowa blog. I'll summarize with bullets:

  • Phil Parker feels moving the linebackers has been the most improvement this spring
  • Parker mentioned both DEs and also Matt Nelson as one that's improved
  • Parker also complimented both new DTs Jaleel Johnson and Nathan Bazata
  • Parker was asked about perimeter D and opposing team tempo, referred to players having their eyes in the right spot
  • Davis says the offense will be the same but CJ can stretch the field with his arm and make plays with his legs
  • Davis said LeShun Daniels doesn't even look like the same guy with the weight loss
  • Davis believes he has several options at running back
  • Weigers should really be third team but he's a quick learner
  • Davis mentioned John Kenny moving back from fullback to linebacker
  • Davis said CJ is more comfortable with play calls and managing the offense
  • Davis said they felt after the bowl game that CJ gave them the best chance to win
  • Davis said they felt CJ had the bigger upside over Jake and it was a matter of getting it mentally

ABOUT THAT SPRING GAME. If you're planning to attend, bring a raincoat. The weather forecast is nasty.  But, April showers make football powers? The "practice" starts at 1:00 pm CST. Fans can get their early for festivities and Dolph will be on the radio from 1-2 PM to mispronounce names and provide absolutely nothing but advertisements for Iowa Athletics and their sponsors.


IF YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT SPRING AND ARE ALREADY LOOKING TO FALL. Gary Barta called some lucky Hawk fans late last week. He tried to distract fans all while magically reaching his hand through the phone receiver reaching into pockets in search of money. I kid. He said Iowa will extend tailgating hours next season. One whole hour!