Black Heart Gold Spandex


The time for breaking out the spandex and BHGP cycling jersey is once again approaching. This year's RAGBRAI route takes us through Coralville/Iowa City.

The last time I rode through Iowa City, Ferentz and Drew Tate talked to the crowd, which was pretty cool even if that season didn't live up to expectations.

This year, we can only hope that Sunshine guarantees a national championship if they decide to talk to the crowd again.

If any other BHGPantsers are going on the ride this year, please keep in touch. I'd love to share a few beers with other fellow Hawks.

Also, if there's another jersey this year, count me in for two. My wife thought it was great and wants one. They are Go Iowa Awesome. If the recruiting map is included, I'll ask KF to autograph it.

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