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We hear from Iowa position coaches and Iowa's number one quarterback, C.J. Beathard.

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

IOWA STARTED SPRING FOOTBALL LAST WEEK. We heard from the head man, Kirk Ferentz, As usual, spring weeks give us press interviews with various position coaches. This week, Jim Reid and LeVar Woods talk about Iowa's linebackers and tight ends. Woods has a different position to coach now. Previously, he and Reid together handled Iowa's linebacking corps. Reid handles that alone now while Woods will take the tight ends this year. Woods talked about the transition.

Reid has a tough job ahead of him with Iowa's young linebacking corps. He talked about Bo Bower's move inside and Ben Niemann moving into a starting role. Short and to the point was his portion of the press conference. After just a few questions he handed it off to Woods.

THE MEDIA GOT A GLIMPSE OF PRACTICE TOO. Here's some of the best of Twitter from yesterday's observations:

AND AFTER PRACTICE. Some players spoke too. C.J. Beathard spoke with the media (link includes both audio and video option) for the first time since October. Both he and Jake Rudock were ushered out of the locker room following a loss in the Taxslayer Bowl. He was asked about Jake Rudock, who was confirmed to get permission from the Big Ten to head to Michigan for his last year yesterday. Beathard said, "I wish the best for him. We were friends. He decided to part ways and now it's become my team." About the bowl game, he added "I felt like I showed the best I can do. Obviously, we both had mistakes here and there. In my mind, I felt like I was he better athlete and I could do more things. I think the coaches see that, too."