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Giant Paul Rhoads assumes the role of Ray Kinsella. Sure.

There's some construction at Jack Trice Stadium, because that's what ISU needs to get over the hump, and to mark the program's excitement, they made a video about it. And like all the videos Iowa State makes, we need to bring this to your attention. It's not a choice.

Let's get rolling.

0:01: I don't know what software was used to make these graphics, but I do know it came pre-installed on Windows 98.

0:08: Is the dream "go .500 in the conference" because if so y'all have been asleep for a decade.

0:16: Nice beard, Levi Peters. Respect. We can reach across athletic territory lines to shake your hand for that.

0:28: We might have a continuity error here. We see the Jacobsen Athletic Building in the background, but then Peters walks past 40,000 empty seats. Did they film half of this in Evanston?


Rhoads Screencap 2

Rhoads Screencap

Paul Rhoads is HUGE!

0:44: After standing around in a concussed daze, Peters finally asks, "is this heaven?"

What Rhoads does say is "No, it's Iowa State."

What Rhoads should have said is "No, son, do you really think we could lose to Oklahoma by 45 in heaven?"

Also, if we're really splitting hairs here—and since we're talking sports movies, yes—"no, it's Iowa" is Ray Kinsella's first response to that question in Field of Dreams. The second time, when (spoiler) his dead dad asks him, Ray's answer is just "it's Iowa." Do you see the difference in eliding the negative response to the question? Iowa State sure doesn't!

0:53: "If you build it, they will come." Better hope so, mang—ISU didn't sell out a single game last year. Four thousand empty seats when Oklahoma's in town? Good luck fixing that by offering full cash bar service for 3,000 fans.

Postscript: How in the hell does Iowa keep losing to this team.