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Rudock's first and only rumored destination appears to be a go.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Jake Rudock is taking his talents to Ann Arbor, according to a report from Dan Murphy of ESPN. Bruce Feldman reported earlier in the morning that Rudock's petition to transfer within the Big Ten had been cleared, which was the only real hurdle to clear, and now that the roadblock is out of the way this move can happen.

We've said our piece on the Rudock era, his legacy, whatever; there's no need to spill another thousand words on that subject. Two years' worth of watching Rudock start means everyone's got their opinions on him pretty well set in stone. There's no need for any hostility toward Rudock, obviously; the odds that Iowa will face Rudock are minuscule, as both teams would have to make the Big Ten Championship Game, and there'd be no greater evidence that the transfer was a great move for all parties involved than that specific scenario.

It should be noted that Kirk Ferentz should be commended for offering no restrictions on where Rudock could transfer. Obviously I wish that would happen every time, but it doesn't, and the mess of negative publicity is almost never worth whatever the coach thinks he gets out of the restrictions. So, good on you, Mr. Ferentz, and fare thee well, Mr. Rudock.