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Iowa tries to end the regular season on a high note -- and with a spot of revenge.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

About a month ago Iowa lost a maddening game to Northwestern in Evanston. It was Iowa's second-straight loss and its first genuinely "bad loss" of the season and Iowa's season was threatening to go badly sideways -- for the second-straight year. Since then Iowa has rattled off five straight wins, dramatically improved their chances of making the NCAA Tournament (several pundits have them as a lock now), and looked like one of the best teams in the league. There's no way to argue that Iowa's loss to Northwestern was anything but a bad thing... but the response it's produced from Iowa has been absolutely fantastic. Now let's keep it going for one more regular season game -- and get a little revenge on those damn Wildcats, too.

The game tips off at 11 AM CT, with TV coverage from BTN (and online from BTN2Go)

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