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The rest of the Sweet 16 comes into focus.

Every time i see SDSU, I wonder why Mola Ram is working as their mascot.
Every time i see SDSU, I wonder why Mola Ram is working as their mascot.
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

And then there were 24.  Half of the Sweet 16 field is set.  The other half gets determined today.  Thursday's UPSETMANIA set up some oddball match-ups, like #11 UCLA vs #14 UAB, but Friday's near-scratch day has set up far more conventional match-ups -- but some very fascinating ones.  Virginia-Michigan State is a rematch from the NCAA Tournament a year ago (and one of the better games in the tournament, too), while Kansas-Wichita State is a delicious intra-state showdown that is rarely ever played (to the chagrin of Wichita State and their fans).  Oregon-Wisconsin matches two very potent offenses (who play at very different tempos), while UNI-Louisville pits one of the nation's best offenses (UNI) against one of the nation's top defenses (Louisville).  Oh, and there's that little Gonzaga-Iowa game, too... although we'll have a separate game thread for that, of course.

Here's your schedule (all times CT):

#2 Virginia VS #7 Michigan State CBS 11:10 AM
#1 Duke VS #8 San Diego State CBS 1:45 PM
#2 Kansas VS #7 Wichita State CBS 4:15 PM
#3 Oklahoma VS #11 Dayton TNT 5:10 PM
#2 Gonzaga VS #7 Iowa TBS 6:10  PM
#1 Wisconsin VS #8 Oregon truTV 6:45 PM
#4 Maryland VS #5 West Virginia TNT 7:40 PM
#4 Louisville VS #5 UNI TBS 8:40 PM

If you're not near a TV, you can stream the games through March Madness Live.

The usual rules apply.